Pet Comfort During a Hurricane

Spring has sprung for sure in most of the country… and now the heat is on.  Soon, June 1st will be upon us and the stormy season begins.  Yes!  Hurricane Season runs June 1st – November 30th. Many pet owners worry about these storms due to the devastation that may occur to property… But what …

Happy Spring

While everyone in Florida is beginning to enjoy springtime – Florida style – some of my fans are still enduring winter, with unexpected snow in April.  I know, flowers are suppose to be blooming, or at least popping up under the winter’s dirt.  However, Oscar and Buttercup are enjoying the spring hatches… ducklings in the …

Best Litter Ever

Do you find that clumping litter doesn’t really clump the way you would imagine it?  Especially when you scoop it and it falls apart.  Or even better, litter that sticks to the plastic pan and scraping the sides or bottom of the pan doesn’t get it completely off the plastic; not to mention the lingering smell.

Well, I’ve tried a lot of litters over the years from cheap ones to the most expensive.  I’ve tried dust free, odor resistant and guaranteed to work for multiple cat usage.  Then there was the brand that had so much dust both the cat and I were choking every time the cat used the litter pan.  God only knows what our lungs looked like from that dust filled box.

Then Slide came along made by Arm & Hammer.  It’s guaranteed to slide right out of the litter pan.  Well, the engineers who designed this litter knew what they were doing.  This stuff not only slides out of the box, it clumps, seals in any odor, and in the few weeks of using it in a two cat household, not once has a clump stuck to the pan… And, there is no odor what so ever.  Bravo! to those who invented this litter… Oscar and Buttercup highly recommend it.  It’s very fine sand, that creates absolutely NO dust, and like the box says, the clumps slide right out.  It’s expensive but worth every penny.  Try it and post any comments on your experience.

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Buttercup and Rosemary

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